About us

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We are a father daughter duo, with a love for the community and passing on knowledge. We are currently running a not-for-profit cooking school, ‘A Meal with Mates’, along with Baptist Care Windale, where we provide cooking skills to disadvantage men. 

Fun Facts about us!

Peter: has played for Australia in Soccer as a Goal Keeper and started the first cooking school for kids in care going to independent living along with Master Chef winner, Julie Goodwin. 

Tayla; has a Bachelor of Medical Science, freelance artist and incredible drink memory from working in pubs. 

As a company that was founded out of love and created with family, we hope you will enjoy our hospitality and become a part of the Industria Family. 

                Tayla & Pete

Industria Eats & Supplements was founded out of a love for fitness, health, wholefood, and hospitality. We are a combination of a café, supplement store and meal prep service. We offer a healthy wholefood café with a creative breakfast and lunch menu, a selection of guilt free treats, including vegan and gluten free options, protein shakes, smoothies and locally roasted coffee by Silverskin Coffee.

Our society lives off convenience and unfortunately a lot of convenient food is full of preservative, unhealthy fats and sugar, we aim to create the same convenience with no expense to your health. We also offer a meal prep service where we make you ready to eat meals for you to heat and enjoy at a time suited to you. We understand there are many diets and we have made sure we are as inclusive as possible, including both vegan and gluten free options.  Our meals are macro counted and are also able to be personalised to your diet. We offer nutrition consultations to get your health on track and help you become the best version of yourself. There is no need for a new year resolution just a desire to change for the better of your health.

At Industria, we make sure our supplements are scientifically backed and are of the highest quality, although only a small range it packs a punch with top of line ingredients and amazing flavours. We are here to help and are not shy in telling you if a supplement is not right for you. You should also consult your local GP before the consumption of sport and health supplements to ensure no contraindications.

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