sourdough toast (V*,DF) | 7.5

314 Cal, 12.6P, 2.4F, 46.8C  

2 slices of quinoa sourdough, with any two condiments:  Nuttalex butter | 338cal, 12.6P, 5.2F, 46.8C

Homemade peanut butter | 504cal, 19.6P, 178.4F, 54.8C

Homemade Jam (macros will differ ber batch)

Honey | 410cal, 12.7P, 2.4F, 72.8C

Fig & Raisin sourdough(v,df) |7.5

2 slices of fig and raisin sourdough toasted with butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

340 Cal, 11P, 8F, 63C  


B & E Roll (DF) | 10

Bacon & egg roll served w/ witlted spinach on a turkish roll. Your choice of tomato relish or BBQ sauce. 

367 Cal, 26.5P, 12.8F, 34C

Eggs Your Way (DF) | $14

2 Free range eggs served with lean bacon & quinoa sourdough 

Poached 442 Cal, 32P, 21F, 26C

Scrambled 479 Cal, 32P, 25F, 26C 

Sunny side 479 Cal, 32P, 25F, 26C 

Chilli scramble eggs | 18

Chili soy scrambled eggs with crispy lean bacon, quinoa sourdough served with crispy Asian slaw

610 Cal, 32P, 36F, 28C

blue benny | 23

Free range poached eggs served with slow cooked beef brisket, housemade mockadaise sauce, apple slaw and quinoa sourdough.

529 Cal, 40P, 21F, 38C

Industria Big Brekky (DF) | 23

2 poached eggs served with lean bacon, quinoa sourdough, house made turkey meatballs & sweet potato and mushroom hash.

590 Cal, 58P, 22F, 40C

classic Blueberry Pancakes| 23 

House protein blueberry pancakes served with maple glazed  banana, fresh berries & pink yoghurt. 

521 Cal, 28P, 8F, 86C

maple bacon Pancakes| 23 

Housemade vanilla protein pancakes served with lean bacon and maple syrup.

455 Cal, 35P, 11F, 56C

Berry Banging Pancakes| 23

House protein pancakes served with house made berry coulis, fresh berries, granola and greek yoghurt. 

440 Cal, 25P, 9F, 64C

Smashed Avo (V,DF)| 17

Smashed avocado served on quinoa sourdough with vegan fetta, garnished with wilted spinach.

405 Cal, 13P, 16F, 52C

tofu scramble (V,DF) | 20

Tofu scrambled with mushrooms, capsicum, shallots, and cherry tomatoes on quinoa sourdough.  

warm pumpkin & Fetta bruschetta (v) | 17

served with baby spinach, balsamic glaze on quinoa sourdough.

Vegan nourish plate (v,df,gf)|19

Curry spiced chickpeas, roasted pumpkin, mixed rice noodles, cabbage slaw, baby beetroot hommus, with pumpkin & hemp seeds.

taco bowl |19

Beef brisket served with spiced basmati rice, house made salsa , zesty guacamole, black beans & char grilled corn kernels and greek yoghurt

491 Cal, 33P, 16F, 55C 

Grilled Chicken (GF,DF) | From 15

Your choice of;

100g - 415 Cal, 41P, 4F, 51C

150g- 490 Cal, 56P, 6F,51C

200g- 566 Cal, 72P, 8F,51C

Sauce; BBQ, Peri Peri, Garlic, Salt n Pepper

Served with house spiced rice & seasonal veges

san choy bow (df) | 19

Spiced Turkey mince in wombok cups topped with crispy rice noodles. 


char sui salmon salad | 24

Char sui marinated salmon with asian rice noodle salad, lime wedges and fried shallots.

pumpkin & fetta salad| 17

Roast pumpkin with dairy free fetta, mixed salad leaves, spanish onions, cherry tomatoes, carrots and capsicum.

Add Chicken | 4

Burgers & Wraps

 Your Choice of a turkish roll or wrap

Add sweet potato bites - $3 extra 

115 Cal, 2P, 0F, 27C

BlT |10

Lean Bacon  with lettuce, tomato, and garlic aoli on a turkish roll. 

338 Cal, 15P, 16F, 33C - burger

321 Cal, 13P, 19F, 25C - wrap

petes brisket (df) | 16

Slow cooked beef brisket with house made bbq sauce, panko crumbed onion rings, salad mix on a turkish roll. 

409 Cal, 41P, 9F, 51C - burger

392 Cal, 39P, 12F, 43C - wrap

Satay turkey (df) | 16

Spiced turkey pattie w/ house made satay sauce with asian slaw on  a turkish bun. 

365 Cal, 33P, 9F, 36C- burger

348 Cal, 31P, 12F, 28C - wrap

the loaded vegan(v,df) | 17

Sweet potato black bean veggie burger crumbed in quinoa and buckinis, served with beetroot hummus and salad on a turkish roll.

530 Cal, 20.6P, 6.9F, 92.1C  


spiced halloumi & pineapple | 16

Lemon pepper spiced halloumi with grilled pineapple, beetroot hommus, chilli, tomato and salad mix.


sides & add ons

Cheese | 1


Free range egg / gluten free bread | 2


Bacon / avocado / mushrooms / chicken | 4

Greens / sweet potato bites / turkey meatballs | 6

(df) Dairy free (v) vegan friendly (gf) gluten free (v*) base is vegan but not all add ons are

Our kitchen uses many nuts and seeds and may not be suitable for some allergies. Please note we cannot change our dishes, however are happy to leave something off for health reasons. 

**Macro-nutrients are based off my fitness pal and are guide as some meals may differ in size slightly.

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