Australia has been challenged so many times in the past 6 months, from bush fires to floods, to now the current threat of COVID-19. It has not only taken a hit on our personal lives but also our economy and social lifestyle, with these back to back national challenges. We are so lucky to live in a isolated country that can completely restrict international travel and to be able to have the opportunity to not be in lock down, but to some this has caused a mass panic and we are seeing major supermarkets finding it hard to keep shelves full, local businesses going under everyday and instead of uniting as a community to fight the unseen threat we are completely isolating ourselves. I'm not talking about social isolation and preventing the spread of COVID-19, i'm talking about basic manners and simple acts of kindness.

I had the pleasure of helping an 88 year old man yesterday that was struggling with pushing 3 trolleys out of the way so others could get through the shopping centre with ease. This lovely man and his wife were collecting and donating cakes and slices to the elderly that did not have the ability to get to the shops. This man proceeded to tell me that in the past 10 years he has had 3 strokes, a heart attack and cancer twice, and for 10 years been told that he only had 6 months to live. I was shocked and had said 'OMG you're like a cat with 9 lives,' and his response was 'I will decide when it is my time and this virus bulls**t is definitely not interfering with my plans.' After helping this man , I was on my way back to the car and I realised that if an 88 year old man who has been through so much already, and is likely immunocompromised, can put others before himself why can't the rest of the community. Why can't we band together as a community and be there for one another like we did for the bushfires. SOCIAL MEDIA IS A POWERFUL TOOL and is a great way of spreading word of mouth, it also doesn't cost anything to be kind and doesn't require any physical interaction. Here are some simple ways you can help us and other small businesses from going under and help boost the local economy and social wellbeing.

1. Buy Local - everyone is saying this but no one is doing this

At Industria all of our supplement suppliers are local businesses too, it is why i chose those brands to sell in store. If we do not have the product you are after try something new or buy from Will online and support his family from Primabolics, help Dave and his family and buy from RESET Nutrition, help Matt and Pat from Spartan Suppz , help Matt from White Wolf Nutrition, or even find another local supplement store, I'm sure Tim at Best Body Supplements would appreciate the love too.

We offer healthy meals made by a chef that can be delivered to your door, no need to worry about buying produce from a large supermarket chain.

2. Support local services

We have a wonderful alliance with a small gym called Newstrength who offer personal and group training and just amazing advice when it comes to smashing goals and becoming a stronger you. Nathan and Jacob themselves both have young kids to provide for and are still making sure their clients are safe and healthy.

There are so many small local businesses that offer amazing services such as Salon Ten (if you're in need of some relaxing) or Enve Hair (due for a haircut) that are all combating the spread of COVID-19 too. If you can't make an appointment buy a giftcard or buy a product instead. A little money goes along way in this society.


Do not feed into this panic buying and hoarding craze. If we all went about our normal routines and practiced safe hygiene skills we would be able to have a well functioning economy.

Be grateful for your family and friends that have supported you through the toughest times, are they struggling? If you don't have an answer then maybe you should ask.

Be mindful that there is always someone out there having a worse day than you, we panic over toilet paper, they panic over clean water.

With so many social events being cancelled this year including many weddings, birthday parties and gatherings, we are forced into isolation. Please do not focus on the negatives, we must push forward as a community and keep our social interactions going. Have a coffee with a friend at a local small cafe or at each others home. Do not lose touch!

The list could go on, on how you can support small businesses, but what I really want you to take away from this is to focus on being a community because when 'I' is replaced with 'we' even illness becomes wellness.

Please spread the love,



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